Laneway to be dedicated to pioneering Eudunda family

On 20 November 2022, a laneway in Eudunda will be dedicated during a historic afternoon event in the Town Gardens.

Appelt Lane - Northern End - Signpost
Appelt Lane – Northern End – Signpost

The 750m laneway, which is the brainchild of the Eudunda 150 Committee, will be called ‘Appelt Lane’ to recognise the pioneering achievements of the Appelt family. The Appelt family played a key role in the foundation of Eudunda in the 1870s, and continued to serve the community in the following decades.

The laneway, which has never been named, crosses the breadth of the town, starting at the Eudunda Preschool Centre, running past the Railway Station, through the Town Gardens, and ending opposite the former Laucke Mills building.

The lane will recognise three generations of the Appelt family.

Words by Samuel Doering

Full Story and Details of the Event and all that is happening on the day here…

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