Write a letter to 2070

Time Capsule Memorial

Eudunda turned 150 in 2020, however, the Coronavirus pandemic disrupted our plans. We will proceed with a limited number of events in 2021 to mark the occasion and complete some permanent projects.

One of our most exciting projects is to create a time capsule for the year 2070, Eudunda’s 200th anniversary. The capsule will be laid in the centre of Eudunda where it will serve as a reminder of our town’s rich past, as well as our future potential.

We would like to fill the capsule with letters from members of the Eudunda community and surrounding districts. If you would like to write a letter, we’d like you to detail your connection to Eudunda, any fond memories of the town, and your community involvement. You might like to write about how you think life might appear in 2070, especially how you think Eudunda might change over the next fifty years. Feel free to write creatively about Eudunda and your connection to the town.

Due to the limited space in the capsule, there are a number of provisos. Your letter cannot be any more than two A4 pages. You may like to include a photograph in addition to this, but only one is permitted.

You can send your letter to us, for inclusion in the capsule, via one of two ways. You can post the letter using the address at the bottom of this page, or you can email us the letter, which we will print, to secretary@eudunda150.com. All letters must be received by Monday, 18 October 2021.

These letters, when opened in the year 2070, will form a valuable historical record.

We look forward to receiving your additions to the time capsule.

Secretary of the Eudunda 150 Sub-Committee

PO Box 85, Eudunda, SA, 5374